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F12 is known as
There are _________ predefined ledgers
To view the TDS report go to
If the Financial Year from is 1st April 2005 and the Books Beginning from is 1stJanuary 2006 then what will be the Closing Date?
We can change the Company Information from
TDS deduction entry can be made through
To change the date, shortcut used
F12 is known as
Party account can be created through

Total number of Ledgers, Groups, Entries etc. can be shown from
Tally package is developed by
We can Modify an existing Company from
The shortcut key to quit from Tally is
Find out which is not a Default Ledger in Tally.
Alt+D is used to
What is TAN?
To use Dr/Cr instead of To/By during Voucher entry or vice versa, Press
Discount Column is available in
Transfer of materials from one godown to another godown, use
In general the Financial year from shall be from
"Alias" represents
To print a voucher from Tally we need to press
What is MRP?