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SSK Samaj

  • 15/06/17

Project Description

Welcome to Somavanshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj of Surat (SSKS), an Digital Media which provides us with a wide range of information about the origins of our organization. The SSKS organization is founded with the aim of the promotion of the religious, social, educational and cultural exchange between the SSK peoples of the Surat, South Gujarat, Gujarat and India. Its main goals are to unite, preserve, protect and promote social, economic and educational contacts of samaj members residing in Surat as quoted by Mr. Dipak Pandurangsa Pakhale. These goals would be best achieved by bringing everyone together, by establishing communication and bonding the SSK Samaj families living in Surat, South Gujarat, Gujarat and India. And that is the reason we have our own Digital Media to communicate with our people more efficiently.

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