Team / Kaushik Radadia

Kaushik Radadia Co - Founder & (COO)

Chief Operating Officer

Career Counselor/ Motivational Speaker / Trainer, Personality Developer

Kaushik, who believe that to learn anything new, is not a difficult task compare to guide or teach other one. I am passionate about to make people to strive to decide their own future as I firmly believe that star never decide our future but we decide where our future star would be. I make them to trust on their own abilities. As each one of us must understand that every human being is born with some specialty and unlimited potential. This is what I do as I love to do this.

“To get different, Change your routine”.

Core Competencies: His experience cuts through various domains like software interfaces, embedded devices, governance, etc.

Talent Acquisition & Management: Talent Acquisition, Induction & Orientation, Talent Management.

Training & Development: Training Need Identification/Analysis and budget, Development of Innovative ways of Training, Training Effectiveness Mapping, Team Development / Building. Professional Soft Skill Development Trainer